Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Out of the frozen earth below,
Out of the melting of the snow,
No flower, but a film, I push to light;
No stem, no bud, — yet I have burst
The bars of winter, I am the first,
O Sun, to greet thee out of the night!
Bare are the branches, cold is the air,
Yet it is fire at the heart I bear,
I come, a flame that is fed by none:
The summer hath blossoms for her delight,
Thick & dewy & waxen-white,
Thou seest me golden, O golden Sun!
Deep in the warm sleep underground
Life is still, & the peace profound:
Yet a beam that pierced, & a thrill that smote
Call'd me & drew me from far away; —
I rose, I came, to the open day
Have won, unshelter'd, alone, remote.
No bee strays out to greet me at morn,
I shall die ere the butterfly is born,
I shall hear no note of the nightingale;
The swallow will come at the break of green,
He will never know that I have been
Before him here when the world was pale.
They will follow, the rose with the thorny stem,
The hyacinth stalk, — soft airs for them;
They shall have strength, I have but love:
They shall not be tender as I,
— Yet I fought here first, to bloom, to die,
To shine in his face who shines above.
O Glory of heaven, O Ruler of morn,
O Dream that shap'd me, & I was born
In thy likeness, starry, & flower of flame;
I lie on the earth, & to thee look up,
Into thy image will grow my cup,
Till a sunbeam dissolve it into the same.
-The Crocus, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton-King(1840-1920)


Blogger Jim said...


Thanks for visiting Earth Home Garden and I see you've embarked on this blogging adventure yourselves.

The photos of your garden are delightful, Rebecca is lovely, and it seems like we have things in common, the raised beds, the gourd birdhouses, and an appreciation for special places.

12:48 PM  
Blogger javaseeker said...

Jim! You've made my wife's day! Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to continuing down the path of the good life, just as you.

1:48 AM  

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