Friday, October 19, 2007

Time spent

I haven't written in awhile. Truth is, I haven't been inspired to. I guess I've been caught up in the mundane routines of everyday life too much. Happiness has been hard to reach. Sometimes the every-day routines need to be purposefully broken, so we can truly enjoy ourselves. And then, after reflection, realize that those every-day routines are something of what our happiness is all about.

We have chickens to care for, and gardens to water because the best tasting food we could ever have is what we have grown and cared for ourselves. We take extra time hanging up laundry to dry instead of using the dryer, not because we haven't a dryer--we do, but because we love that crispness of air-dried clothes and in turn, save a few dollars a month for other things. We spend time each day seperating our recyclables because we like to brag how long it's been since we took out trash to the curb (new record last week--8 months!) And we enjoy making every meal from scratch--nothing out of a box, microwavable, or delivery--because we love food. Because we really love food.

And the best is what you purposefully take the time to do yourselves. Even better if you do these things with the one(s) you love because they love it too. My wife, Becca, just left on a roadtrip with a friend out west. As I relax on the deck with an ice cold brew and a pipe, and I look forward to a whole bed to sleep on, not just that edge she leaves me each night, I'll realize I miss her greatly, and our every-day routines together.


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